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Sawing, grinding, sanding and filing

Saw bracket Universal small saw bracket PUK 2000 Single-sided metal saw blades Metal saw blades
Jigsaw blades Recipro saw blades Circular saw blades Hole saws Machine saw blades
Band saw blades Files Block files Square files Triangular files
Round filing Hemispherical files Block files Milling files Beret files
Corinox files Diamond files Riffler files Needle files Soft metal files
Saw file body files Wire files Grinding cutters Lathe files
Wood rasp File handles Sharpening files Leppasta Special lapping paste
Handlepper Grinding Pin Sanding fleece Slat pen Sanding flap fleece
Grinding sleeve holders Grinding sleeves Sanding Belts Corundum sanding belts Sanding rollers
Sanding fleece sheets Water-resistant sandpaper Dry sanding paper Sanding cork Scouring sponge
Sanding block Fibre discs Clay sanding discs Flap sanding disc Polishing sanding discs
Roloc discs Burrs Cylinder burrs Polishing paste Diamond stylus stones
Diamond polishing paste Grinding Stones Bowl grinding pins Cutting Discs Cut-off wheels
Bowl Grinding Stones Cutting stones Cut-off wheels Diamond discs Translucent cutting discs
Grinding stone sharpener Hand steel brushes Finishing diamonds File brush Screw thread brush
Pin steel wire brush Brush brushes Wire brush Knotted Wire Brush Flame pipe brush

Main brands

  • Pferd
  • Rhodius
  • Hase
  • VSM
  • 3M
  • Lukas

First and direct trading partner of HTB bvba is the German renowned company Hommel Hercules Werkzeughandel GmbH from VIERNHEIM, which has been in existence for more than 130 years.

HHW is mainly active in the wholesale industry and a European Market Leader in the field of MRO products. Still, there are often products that are country/area specific or simply not available elsewhere.

HTB bvba completes the range for the Belgian subsidiary of Hommel Hercules Werkzeug Gruppe GmbH.

Your contact :
Luc De Clercq
Key Account Manager Belgium
+32 (0)473 66 22 57