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Help To Buy


Help To Buy, or HTB

Supplier reduction is an important topic at many industrial companies.

Creating a new vendor for the least in the various ERP systems is a big effort, takes a huge amount of time and also a lot of money.

Often these are one-time orders from an awful lot of suppliers.

But what if we told you this could be much easier?

HTB can be a SPOC ( single Point of Contact ) for you.

Because of our unique operation, we can take on goods from various manufacturers and suppliers at only a small additional cost. With us you have one contact person who can provide all kinds of materials (including custom) that you need.

Therefore, HTB bvba can take on related goods from other manufacturers – suppliers.

Be sure to check out Hommel Hercules Werkzeughandel
They are a regular partner regarding general tools and warehouse equipment in our story.

“Quality is a service,
Service is an art.”

Luc De Clercq / Chief Executive Officer

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