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Siftex Equipment

Siftex – American specialist in flexible connections for the bulk, solids industry, more specifically also called cuffs and expansion joints.

These provide a joining of two fixed ends (tubes ). Usually, these cuffs (sleeves) are used in separators , screening machines … and must have the possible
withstand vibration and movement.

According to the product , temperature and nature of movement a suitable qualitative joint can be chosen.

Of course, these are food approved and suitable for explosion-proof areas ( FDA and ATEX approved).

HTB bvba is the European distributor for standard tubing and dealer for Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium for custom cuffs.

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Corrugated Sleeves

Available upon request

Metal Detectable

Available upon request

Rubber Tubing

Available upon request


Available upon request

BFM Fitting

Available upon request

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