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Measuring and testing equipment

Slider Precision slide gauge Digital caliper Workshop slide gauge Clock slide gauge
Locking groove slide gauge Depth gauge Meets Measuring Bridges Outer screw gauge
Fine guide external screw gauge Metric setting dimensions Threaded measuring threads Digital external screw gauge 3-point internal screw gauge
Final dimensions Calibers Threaded pin calibers Wire ring jigs Ring calibers
Dial Indicators Digital measuring clocks Probes Swing probes Outdoor speed probes
Thickness measuring devices Indoor rapid probes Indoor measuring probes Roughness meter Infrared thermometer
Surface thermometers Noise meters Hygrometers Magnetic holders Magnetic Measuring Stand
Measuring tables Digital altimeters Stripping Semi-trailers Probes
Scratch pens Writing Needle Workshop welder Rulers Store hooks
Clamping elements Degree curves Feeler sizes Film Tapes Filetor
Spirit Levels Inclinometer Distance Meters Pocket scales Plate Scales
Counting scales Dynamometers Stopwatch Layer thickness gauges Hardness Testers
Check mirrors magnifiers Light magnifiers Lamploepen Microscopes
Thumbsticks Roller tape measures Measuring tapes Measure Batteries

First and direct trading partner of HTB bvba is the German renowned company Hommel Hercules Werkzeughandel GmbH from VIERNHEIM, which has been in existence for more than 130 years.

HHW is mainly active in the wholesale industry and a European Market Leader in the field of MRO products. Still, there are often products that are country/area specific or simply not available elsewhere.

HTB bvba completes the range for the Belgian subsidiary of Hommel Hercules Werkzeug Gruppe GmbH.

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Key Account Manager Belgium
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