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Maintenance and workshop tools

Maintenance and workshop tools

Soldering gun Soldering iron Mini insulation set Soldering stations Tin knife
Propane soldering kit Welding electrodes Chopper Mitre welding clamps Nylon Welding Goggles
Overhead goggles welders Welding caps Front glasses Speedglas Anvil
Anvil Chair Forging Pliers Hammers Flat plates Universal underframes
Knee Lever Press Corner benders Piercing Hydraulic tube benders Lathe cutters
Combi shears Household and work scissors Plate Shears Pelican scissors Berliner scissors
Ideal scissors Scissors Hole cutters Miter Shears Shears with lever transmission
Tape shears Cling Scraper Safety Scraper Nibbler Scraper
Flat scraper Hollow triangle scraper Spoon Scraper Deburring tool Deburrer
Hollow pipes Pull punches Gasket cutters Ring cutters Blow guns
Compressed air guns Automatic hose winder Oil jugs Hand Pump Oil tank
Funnel Oil supply jug Grease Spraying Drum and reservoir pumps Nut splitter
Tape inserters Two- and three-arm pullers Interior pulls Plumbers numbers and letters percussion stamps
Label makers Markers Magnets Magnetic holders Load lifting magnets

First and direct trading partner of HTB bvba is the German renowned company Hommel Hercules Werkzeughandel GmbH from VIERNHEIM, which has been in existence for more than 130 years.

HHW is mainly active in the wholesale industry and a European Market Leader in the field of MRO products. Still, there are often products that are country/area specific or simply not available elsewhere.

HTB bvba completes the range for the Belgian subsidiary of Hommel Hercules Werkzeug Gruppe GmbH.

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Key Account Manager Belgium
+32 (0)473 66 22 57