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Lifting and transport equipment, workshop equipment

Lifting materials

Crowbars Crushers Plate Grabs Plate Bearing Pliers Suction lifter
Chain hoists Roll-up Walking Cat Carrying clips Wire rope hoists
Electrical chain hoists Lifting straps Slings Lashing straps Attachment chains
Links Carabiners Stupid forces Hydraulic lifting jacks Lift Truck
Hydraulic workshop cranes Cylinders Hollow plunger cylinders Hydraulic hand pumps Accessories hydraulic cylinders and pumps
Conveyor Rowworks Trolleys Vibration dampers Trolleys Stairs and trolleys
Bottle Carts Lift tables Pallet truck Forklift Hand forklift

Transport Materials

Clapboard Table Trolleys Mobile workbench
Wire cage cart Storey trolley Tool mounting trolley
Workshop car Tool Cart Roller workbench
Computer cart Mobile drawer cabinet Mobile lectern

Workshop fixtures

Workbenches Workbench tops Sliding drawer cabinets Work Table Systems Floor mats
Floor gratings Swivel chairs Hanging Cabinets Tool Cabinets Trolleys
System cabinets System racks Shelf racks Pallet racks Computer Cabinets
Machine Cabinets Filing cabinets Heavy load cabinets Closets Folding cabinets
Cleaning storage cabinets Wishbone racks Fireproof cabinets Bucket trucks Environmental Cabinets


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First and direct trading partner of HTB bvba is the German renowned company Hommel Hercules Werkzeughandel GmbH from VIERNHEIM, which has been in existence for more than 130 years.

HHW is mainly active in the wholesale industry and a European Market Leader in the field of MRO products. Still, there are often products that are country/area specific or simply not available elsewhere.

HTB bvba completes the range for the Belgian subsidiary of Hommel Hercules Werkzeug Gruppe GmbH.

Your contact :
Luc De Clercq
Key Account Manager Belgium
+32 (0)473 66 22 57