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Clamping tools

Quick-clamping drill chucks Three-jaw drill chucks Drill holder pins Thread cutting head Compression Collets
Drill and router holders Crimp holders Cone sleeves Milling sleeves Milling shots
Setting sleeves Upright milling mandrels Tool shots Preciseispan holders Change holders
Junctions Cutting plate holders Fixed centers Rotating centers Quick-release mandrels
Machine spindle heads Three jaw chucks Chuck Square chucks Power triple chuck
Force chuck Stud screws Extension nuts Spring washers Parallel stops
Span irons Forkspan brackets Trapflenzen Clamping jaws Vertical tensioners
Horizontal tensioners Vices Prism Clamps Machine Clamps Prism quick releases
Downward pressure tensioners Traction clamps NC compact tensioners Turning plates
Workpiece stops Permanent magnetic clamping plates Clamping blocks Direct distribution devices Coordinate tables

First and direct trading partner of HTB bvba is the German renowned company Hommel Hercules Werkzeughandel GmbH from VIERNHEIM, which has been in existence for more than 130 years.

HHW is mainly active in the wholesale industry and a European Market Leader in the field of MRO products. Still, there are often products that are country/area specific or simply not available elsewhere.

HTB bvba completes the range for the Belgian subsidiary of Hommel Hercules Werkzeug Gruppe GmbH.

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Luc De Clercq
Key Account Manager Belgium
+32 (0)473 66 22 57