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Clear – Flex Polyurethane SDX

Clear-Flex polyurethane: CLEARLY a better connector!

Clear-Flex is your solution when you need flexible connectors that are static-dissipative, FDA-acceptable, highly clear… or all three!

Best of all, Clear-Flex outlasts rubber and fabric sleeves by 10 to 1inthe demanding application of dry, abrasive materials processing!

Clear-Flex is available in a variety of forms, including seamless tubing, spliced sleeves and connectors, and even molded corrugated sleeves.

Now It’s Clear-Flex SDX

We’ve steadily improved Clear-Flex’s qualities over the years until we now proudly offer Clear-Flex SDX, ourfourth-generation product. This custom-compounded polyether-based polyurethane meets ATEX requirements for static dissipation and both FDA and EC standards for food and pharmaceutical contact, while retaining flexibility, exceptional clarity and outstanding durability.

Is Clear-Flex SDX the world’s most perfect connector and sleeve material? You decide.

Clear-Flex Custom Connectors

Now Clear-Flex SDX polyurethane is available in new custom connector designs. Our precision computerized cutting and welding technology allow us to turn your CAD drawing into a Clear-Flex SDX custom connector.

  • ROUND and SQUARE / RECTANGULAR flanged connectors with or without bolt holes.
  • TAPERED (conical) connecting sleeves with straight cuffs at each end.
  • ROUND and SQUARE / RECTANGULAR machine / bin / trough covers.
  • Connecting sleeves with stainless steel non-collapse rings.

These new products feature smooth, durable welded seams. This eliminates the risk of sewing threads wearing out or falling into your product. Contact your Siftex representative to learn more about how our computerized design, cutting and welding technology can help you spend less time with downtime!

Clear-Flex SDX Specifications.

  • Clear, Transparent – See your processing flow!
  • UV stabilized
  • FDA acceptable per CFR 21.177.1680 and CFR 21.177.2600 for food and pharmaceutical contact.
  • EC10/2011 compliant for food contact.
  • Highly static-dissipative: ATEX Zone 20, 21, 22 compliant for use in explosive atmospheres.
  • 0 to 190°F (-18 to 88°C) operating temperature range.
  • 82A durometer, clear, smooth finish, soft “rubbery” feel.
Flex Fatigue Resistance Excellent
Oil/Grease Good
Weathering Excellent
Water Absorption Excellent
Acid (dilute) Good
Acid (concentrated) Poor
Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Good
Property English Metric ASTM Test
Specific Gravity 1.12 1.12 D792
Tensile Strength 4700 psi 32.4 MPa D412
Ultimate Elongation >700% >700% D412
Tear Strength, Die C 410.0 lbs/in^2 65.6 kN/m^2 D624
Hardness: Shore A, 10s delay 82 82 D2240
Taber Abrasion: mg loss: H-18,1000g load @ 1000 cycles 39 mg 39 mg D5963-96
Comparable 55A Neoprene RubberTaber Result 137 mg 137 mg D5963-96
Surface Resistance 1.4 x 10^6 ohm/sq 1.4 x 10^6 ohm/sq D257
Static Decay, MIL-PRF-81705D,5kV to 50V, 12% RH 0.50 s 0.50 s FTMS101C 4046.1

Product Data Sheet

Clear-Flex SDX Products

  • Seamless roll tubing available in lengths up to 50 feet (15 m) for cut-to-length connectors – minimize your connector inventory problems.
  • Seamless roll tubing available in ten diameters from 2 to 12 inches (57 to 308mm) – see table below.
  • Sheet goods available in 50″(1.27 m) widths and in a 020, 040 or 060 mil thicknesses.
  • Flanged, shaped and larger-diameter connectors available in custom sizes.
  • Molded corrugated sleeves: the ultimate rubber replacement option with 10X the abrasion resistance!

Clear-Flex SDX Seamless Tubing Sizes.

Clear-Flex SDX is available in 10 standard diameters of seamless tubing with .030 inch (.76 mm) wall thickness, in lengths up to 50 feet (15 m):

  • 12.12″ (308mm)
  • 10.12″ (257mm)
  • 9.12″ (232mm)
  • 8.12″ (206mm)
  • 7.12″ (181mm)
  • 6.25″ (159mm)
  • 5.25″ (134mm)
  • 4.25″ (108mm)
  • 3.25″ (83mm)
  • 2.25″ (57mm)

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